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POWER PLUS USA and the  Power to Choose!

Our Campaigns are driven by  powerful solutions and select services benefiting a Nation wide consumer.  It is imperative that our staff be professional, attentive and on point, we are a telemarketing resource that is geared to social interaction and sharing. Presenting our clients’ portfolio to the right consumer is only a conversation away.  One such nation wide solution that is always on demand and always well received are Energy Deregulation campaigns.

Power Plus USA, providing Nationwide resources for the smart consumer!

You may not be  happy with the services provided by  utility company or you  may not agree with a select  energy company’s SOP.  TODAY, most unhappy  individuals have the option of spending their energy cost elsewhere.  Here at Power Plus USA we believe becoming  knowledgeable about Energy Deregulation  in any state  is always a PLUS.  Several social groups, for example, are against the use of coal due to the harsh effect on the environment. The right to choose electricity form a supplier, may  also empower consumers to support their environmental beliefs, actively making a communal  difference by selecting a cleaner energy source.    These socialites therefore can choose cleaner energy sources, such as wind or hydro power and solar.  The rate of course varies between  “CLEAN ENERGY” and traditional energy processes – Ultimately, the choice to  save, receive ESCO incentives, or join a GREEN ESCO platform is always about the educated option for the select consumer.





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